With a vibrant array of colors in his arsenal, Billy B. verbally paints on the canvas of your mind. You will feel like you were actually with him through each relationship, watched him grow up, and experience the effects of being brought up in a two story trailer. Now mid 30's, his charming personality, comedic prowess, and all-around dedication to the art have combined to quickly propel his talents to the forefront of the modern comedy scene. He is now working on the East Coast and some Mid-West states. Continually writing and recording, Billy B. is Sure to be a Future History Maker.All the way from the back of a small trailer park in Jacksonville, Florida, he learned he had to be quick witted to contend with family members around the holidays. Christmas, being told he was adopted and they don’t buy presents for strangers, and Thanksgiving being Popeye’s chicken instead of turkey, he will leave you busting at the seams as you relate to everyday situations you often hear about, but rarely think can happen to you. 

  His career began as innocent as going to a comedy club for the very first time with family for his cousin’s 18th birthday. After the show, the M.C. mentioned to the crowd about a workshop there every Saturday.  Billy took this as a way to sit in the back and watch comedians practice for free with no inclination he even had “It” in him to stand on a stage. Later that week, he jotted down a couple of original ideas, and thought it would be fun to try a couple of jokes that next weekend. Even if he wanted to, Billy could not hide the natural charm and poise that would prove to be his “Gift”. After that first time on stage, he got laughs from some Very critical local comics, and one of them even booked him to do a show in another bar later that week. Hence, Billy B. was “born”.

A Must-See show, believe me, you won't forgive yourself if you just hear about him at the water cooler!