Look into my eyes


Boris is a charismatic performer. People will be laughing during the entire show as their friends perform on stage. The performance is filled with unique and unforgettable material. Side splitting comedy and improvisation is combined with audience participation. Boris brings out people's hidden talents and puts a hilarious twist to what we consider reality. Theatrics and music are a big part of the show. The audience is inspired and entertained. Boris brings unprecedented stage experience and carefully crafted routines to make the participants shine. The material is customized to every group and no two shows are ever similar. Laughter will fill the venue in the hands of a skilled hypnotist and master showman.


As a keynote speaker, Boris provides motivation and team building as part of his hypnosis show. He regularly performs for many top names in the corporate world. If you are looking for team building and inspiration for your group, this is a perfect speaker presentation. At college and university campuses, Boris shows students limitless posibilities of the mind. Theatre and casino showrooms boast happy customers who return to see him again and again.


Participants are always treated with kindness and respect. The show is comical and always tasteful.


Boris has won numerous national and international awards. He effortlessly achieves audience participation. His knowledge of psychology will have people in your group eagerly volunteering to be part of this show. Nothing needs to be pre-arranged. It all happens right in front of your eyes. Boris has devised a very fast hypnosis induction that will have people saying "How did he do that?".


The show is musical and fast pace, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat. Music enhances and complements the performance. Boris chooses his routines carefully to tell inspirational stories and get attendees to interact with one another. He often incorporates organizer messages and brands into his show and has enhanced corporate events and product launches. The show is extremely captivating and normally lasts 60 to 90 minutes. The vast amount of comedy keeps the audience entertained and wanting more. You may see memorable routines involving Hollywood themes, like being a contestant on a reality television program.

Boris demonstrates how to break out of our shells to achieve limitless possibilities through control of our own minds. His personality is friendly and people volunteer to be part of the show with great enthusiasm. Boris helps people tap into their creative abilities. With the help of imagination and power of suggestion, people travel and take glamorous vacations, spend time on sandy beaches and enjoy White Water Rafting on the Colorado River without leaving the performance venue. They become celebrities and fashion models. His trademark routine is often talked about afterwards, where a participant answers to the name is "Chip", forgetting their real one. If you were a skeptic before, after the show you will be convinced about the authenticity of hypnosis.


The Incredible BORIS is dazzling audiences worldwide. He has appeared live across USA, Canada, Bermuda, Caribbean, Japan, Hawaii and even Dubai and Amsterdam. He has entertained the troops across the word, most recently in Afghansitan. He is a favorite on college and university campuses during orientation and frosh week. His appearances draw record crowds at festivals and fairs. You can also find this hypnotist performing in theaters, casino showrooms, cruise ships and corporate events. His fascinating show delivers a wow factor that event planners rave about - it makes them look great for booking this exciting performer. His reputation is unmatched and his fan base constantly grows. That is why, Boris is often hired back by popular demand repeatedly.


Boris is a frequently featured guest on numerous television talk shows. He knows his craft so well that he became a regular on the Maury show helping people with fears and phobias. He has also appeared on Montel, Howie Mandel Show, The Vegas Show, Comics, among many others. His comedic talents were showcased at the Boston Comedy Festival and Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal.


Boris is an expert in psychology, hypnotism, body language and power of suggestion. He knows how to use language and human behavior to achieve maximum effect. He is a comedian who presents his craft using hypnosis.
The Incredible BORIS is everything his name suggests - a way to describe a positive attitude and a constant state of mind. Boris is a hypnotists' hypnotist, tours extensively and brings a spark to any event.




Height: 5’8
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel Neck: 15 ½ Waist: 32 Inseam: 30 Age range: 40 - 45

Maury NBC Universal (syndicated) Motivational Hypnotist Boris Cherniak series regular
Montel Paramount (syndicated) Comedy Hypnotist The Incredible Boris featured guest
Howie Mandel Show Paramount (syndicated) Comedy Hypnotist The Incredible Boris 2 appearances
The Vegas Show, Las Vegas Fox Comedy Hypnotist The Incredible Boris featured guest
Open Mike with Mike Bullard CTV / Comedy Channel Comedy Hypnotist The Incredible Boris 2 appearances
Canadian Comedy Awards CTV / Comedy Channel Comedy Hypnotist The Incredible Boris presenter
Out There with Melissa Dimarco Omni/Global Comedy Hypnotist The Incredible Boris 3 appearances
Kenny vs Spenny CBC / GSN Comedy Hypnotist The Incredible Boris hypnotist
Scales of Justice - Susan B. Nellis Story Extra
A Bunny’s Tail Extra
Additional TV appearances available upon request COMEDY FESTIVALS
Just for Laughs Montreal, QB Boston Comedy Festival Boston, MA
Toronto Comedy Festival Toronto, ON

Fiddler on the Roof Principal Owen Sound Community Players
Bye Bye Birdie Supporting Community Theatre
Headlining Clubs, theatres and casino showrooms as Hypnotist and Comedian The Incredible Boris worldwide

Eaton’s SOC
Voice and television: National Institute of Broadcasting

English, Russian, Scripted French, Slavic Dialects

Stage: Hypnotist, Comedian, Magician, Improvisational Comedy
Sports: Swimming, Skiing, Volleyball, Tennis, Ping Pong, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Badminton
Music: Flute (Grade 6 - Royal Conservatory of Music), Saxophone, Guitar, Base, Keyboards, Drums
Driving: Standard and Automatic
Dancing: Club
Accents: French, Russian, Yiddish,