With her silvery hair and soft, expressive eyes one could fairly assume that Faye Woodruff is a sweet, aging grandmother with a brood of small grandchildren. But don’t let the gray hair fool you; Faye Woodruff is the Grandmother from Hell.

Faye Woodruff has years’ worth of opinions to express and stories to tell, all of which are not quite as “sweet” as audiences might expect from a grandmother. She not only targets male egos, but often recounts how she tried to eliminate a few uncooperative husbands with poison mushrooms. And Faye’s stories about aging body parts and her sexual escapades may have hysterical audience members begging to use some of her extra Depends.

After raising her children and working as a clerical secretary at a school for more years than she cares to remember, Faye had finally reached the time for retirement and relaxation until friends and coworkers started teasing her about growing old. Soon Faye was up in front of audiences proving how alive she was by winning Showtime’s “Funniest Person in Tennessee “and then HBO’s Comic Relief II National Championship. Now known as “the Grandmother from Hell,” Faye tours tirelessly and is set to perform locally this month.