Jessie Brown, country artist from the heartland of Indiana, is taking the country music industry by storm. Her breathtaking voice captivates anyone who is in range of her music. This 27-year-old carries a melody like it’s nobody’s business, and she is determined to share it with the world.
From a young age, Jessie was always involved with music. At just three years old, she began traveling across the country with her family, singing Southern Gospel. Jessie became accustomed to doing lots of homework on the bus. Although she feels she may have missed out on the “normal life” in school, what Jessie didn’t realize was how important this part of her life would lead to where she is today. Jessie laughs and says now, “Every time I smell a carry-in dinner, it reminds me of being young and traveling on a bus.”
In 2008, as Jessie was singing demos in a local studio, she caught the attention of veteran producer, Mark Pay, who recognized her undeniable talent. With Pay’s help, Jessie decided to make her dream come true by starting the journey in country music. With Southern Gospel being her roots, and growing up with much time on a farm, Jessie feels that country music is very close to her heart.
Jessie recently released her first record, entitled, Unbreakable, and is touring the Midwest. She loves the idea that new people are discovering her music and hearing her songs for the first time. Whether she is performing at a rock club, or her debut single, “Ain’t No Secret,” is playing on the radio, she enjoys knowing that her songs are speaking to others.
“When I sing and make music, I try to relate as much with my audience as I can. My songs are written about the ups and downs of love, and being strong through it all. I’m excited about this record because it sums up my life so far.”