Nine years of music and art running through the veins. Throughout junior high, high school, college and while working; I joined different genres of bands, such as: punk, rock, sixty’s rock, Christian and indie. Bands I’ve formed/joined go by the names of: Northern Swagger, Atom Bomb, I’ll Take The Blame, Madelyn, Running From Reality, The Mel Band, Immanuel 9, The Drama Addicts, Outlaw Rising and more. With these bands, I have played many shows and did some interviews. Madelyn recorded an EP at Non-Partisan Records titled; Devices. I sang both lead/back vocals and keyboards on it. The Drama Addicts recorded an album with Yellow Bird Studios titled; All Gung Ho’ that I sang on and recorded the bass tracks. Those are just some of the fun details that happened within those bands. I played a variety of instruments in each of these bands such as: bass, guitar, keyboards and usually lead vocals. If I wasn’t lead vocals in the band, I sang back up.

I started working on my solo music while I was a member of one of the very first bands I was in. Learning every instrument I needed for a band; I began to write. My originals started to pile up. When I first recorded, I used a full band sound; recording all the instruments and vocals myself. Then I rewrote them and recorded them into an acoustic sound. As time went on, I decided that a mixture of both acoustic songs and full band songs would be a cool idea. I then ventured down that path.
I recorded four demo albums of my material. Each album has the following name: “The Never Ending Street”, “Love, Kisses and Heartache”, “This Nightmare” and “Starring at the Night”. I also got asked to be apart of the Brood Records compilation album “Apples, Zink and the Everything Kitchen Sink”. Ben Legget recorded the album including my song “Save Me”. I then signed with Stage 9 Records for two years and released a four track EP my voice and lyrics are featured on titled “Stage 9 Records”. That album was recorded by Jon Parolin and mixed by Ben. That led to recording a full length studio album recorded and mixed by Ben titled “The Never Ending Street”. On that album I did all the guitars, keyboards, vocals and song/lyrics writing.
I took the stage playing numerous amounts of shows in town and out of it. Some types of shows I played are: fundraisers, three hour bar gigs, open mic nights, telethons, contests, battle of the bands, bon fires, small venues, bigger venues, churches, festivals and the list goes on. I took part in the Cousin Vinny’s karaoke contest in Hanmer Ontario. I drove there each week for three months to judge the contest, sometimes even twice a week. In the final round, Zack Werner from “Canadian Idol” came to Hanmer and judged the finals with me and the other judges. The following night my band; “Josh Dimmel Band” opened for Zack’s band “Mystic Kick”. The same night I performed a song with there band on stage.
As an artist I have had interviews, featured on college documentaries and my music has made it to radio airwaves. I also came in forth place at the “Canadore Acoustic Challenge” making the top five. While in high school I took on two different CO-OP placements such as; a music store and joined a church music ministry and played with different bands in it. After that; I studied Broadcasting-Radio at Canadore College and got my diploma in radio, Then took a security guard course and working in security while chasing my music career.
While in high school, I took drama and art classes all four years. I also joined drama plays, drama club and art club. I’d try anything with the experience of art involved. I also enjoy the art of tattoos. I have an acoustic guitar and keyboard so far tattooed on my arms and plenty more to come. My goal is to get every musical instrument tattooed on me. I also wrote tons of poems over the years, some that were songs and some I turned into songs. I submitted some and won awards for them. I am currently in two bands; “Outlaw Rising” a rock band I sing lead in and play acoustic guitar and “The Mel Band” that I play bass and sing back up for. I also join random bands for shows from time to time either singing or playing an instrument. 
I have worked with many different “Josh Dimmel Bands” and continue to do the same; day in and day out. I have played a few shows with the band including; competitions, and plan on playing a lot more to bring the full rock sound out. I also continue to rock the stage solo in and out of town and keep living the dream of one day making it in the music industry. I live off of three quotes I created;
- You Created It, You Die With It!
- Prove Your History; Live It, Film It!
- Enter Undiscovered and Leave With an Impact!