Mentalist, Nick Compise, is an award winning entertainer and is regarded as the world's premier mind reader. He is described as the "Thief of Thoughts". More specifically he is a Psychological Entertainer who can read peoples' thoughts, influence their actions, and predict the future. Nick's talents capture the imagination of people of all walks of life. He has been featured on TV and Radio shows throughout the world. Whether he is performing on stage or in a strolling environment, Nick's brand of Psychological Entertainment is guaranteed to astound all those who witness his phenomenal abilities. Nick is the master of making the impossible possible. Having a stellar record of performing in different countries around the world you can be assured you will receive first class entertainment.

In addition to performing, Nick shares his abilities with the world by teaching individuals, companies, and colleges the importance of non-verbal communication and how to read people.

 "Nick's show was absolutely amazing! Our entire company is still talking about his awesome performance. He was so great to work with as well- incredibly professional. He arrived early, was totally organized, and thoroughly prepared. He exceeded all expectations and delivered a performance unlike anything that our company has ever experienced." 

- Alyssa Bole, Marketing Director, TVA Community Credit Union

"Everyone was intrigued as well as entertained. My only regret is that we didn't have time for an extended show performance. Everyone wants to know how does he do it!" 

- Houston Daugherty, P.E, Cannon & Cannon, Inc.

"Nick Compise's Mentalist act was an amazing way to kick start our event! Nick did an amazing job captivating our audience. We will definitely have Nick back in the future and I would strongly suggest Nick as your entertainment solution to any event." 

- Lindsey Turner, Ceo & Founder of The Golden Soldiers

"Nick Compise will entertain, enlighten, and amaze you. I have no idea how he does what he does-truly

- Doug Grady, President of the High Achievers Network

"It was an outstanding show that kept everyone engaged from beginning to end! You were very professional about everything you did." 

- Abey Thachet, Knanaya Catholic Youth League of North America

"Nick helped me put the finishing touches on my sales technique. I have increased my new business signings by 5x since I took his workshop." 

- Graham Brimmer, Senior Associate, Money Concepts

"What a brilliant performer! Nick's abilities never cease to amaze me!" 

- Chad Sanborn, Actor

"Nick's teaching's are very unique. He has a very simple way of sharing his knowledge, techniques, and secrets for how to read and influence people."

- Patrick Kniery

"Nick Compise wowed the crowds! From skeptics to kids they left with a smile on their face! Nick's work was professional, tasteful, and fun." 

- Academy Theater