Professional Services

Rene Bray has performed various roles in the entertainment business including: 

Comedy Clubs
Corporate Events
Country Clubs
Private Parties
Cruise Lines
Television and Theater
Host and MC
Keynote Speaker
Fundraising Events

 Rene Bray is a unique combination of flavors that is guaranteed to create a memorable experience. She saunters onto the stage with a shy smile, old fashion southern charm, and within 5 minutes, whether in a crowd of 50 or 5000, you'll feel as if you're at a party, listening to a long lost friend. She transforms crowds of strangers into temporary families while keeping all eyes and ears directed towards her. Rene manages to explain parts of her life and the lives of others with biting wit that almost, but not quite, covers up her inherent approachability.
Rene can roar like a lion or purr like a cat (sometimes both at once). Despite which version you are fortunate enough to witness, those that have seen her perform once want to see her again and again.
Rene’s diverse comedy career allows her to relate to any audience with grace and ease. She has been on Geraldo, Montel Williams, Jenny Jones, Rolando, and ABC’s 20/20. She has opened for recording artists Little Texas, Billy Ray Cyrus, Steppenwolf, KC and the Sunshine Band, The Redhot Chili Peppers, and REO Speedwagon and Taylor Dane. Rene’ opens and emcees for The Chippendale Dancers and the Suncoast Calendar Men. She has headlined over 500 comedy clubs in the US, Canada, and Caribbean Islands and was the first comedian to perform at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.


" Rene' was GREAT- she was very well received- lots of fun interaction with members, great timing and presence, etc."
  Glenn T. - Food and Beverage Director, Peninsula Club

"Rene BEST COMEDIAN ever - we had a great time." -
   Russ Lauderback - Executive Vice President, White Lodging Services

" You were so funny at the show, OMG I laughed so hard. I cannot wait to see you when you come back into town"
Ursula Fritsch