About Spanky Brown

Spanky Brown

Spanky Brown, "I'm Jus' Sayin"

” The Professional ”
” The R & B of Comedy ”
” The Gift of Timing and Delivery ”
” An Incredible Presence ”

These are some of the ways Spanky has been coined by his audiences. Starting his comedy career in late November 1997 on Open Mic Night at the Comedy House Theatre in Savannah Ga., he has been leaving audiences reeling with laughing ever since . Regarded and respected by fans and colleagues alike as a star on the rise in the industry, it’s now his turn at the next level . Spanky has toured the world sharing his unique perspective and opinions on everything from his life, politics and religion, race relations and relationships , versatility and style best describe this veteran performer providing comedic insights that transcend all barriers , age , gender , urban or mainstream crowds are no obstacle for this entertainer .

His personal account of triumphs and tragedies and unbridled opinions are for all those who really try to “keep it real ” . His experiences as a “Preacher’s Son” ( Even God knows he’s funny ) as an advertising executive , car salesman , insurance salesman , radio personality , father , step-father , being married , divorced , married and divorced …again ( you do the math ) even served time … in the army that is and his honesty about it is what makes him such an endearing character as much as his willingness to let you in so you can see that truly ” it could be worse” .

Spanky is a 12 year veteran of the comedy stage. He tours nationally on a consistent basis. He is one of the most requested return comedians in comedy clubs around the United States.