Sunset Circus

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Sunset Circus is making modern country music with hometown southern accents in a sound that is all their own. Since their debut in 2010, this Florida native band, led by Scott Johns and his guitarist brother Darren, have proven to have a live show that creates a bond with an audience and by the end of each has them singing along to their own penned and crafted tunes.  

Though both Scott and Darren had been in many bands before they had not done so together even though the idea was kicked around for years, it just never seemed materialize until…one single on the radio changed it all, it blew them away. With the speakers pumping out a sound that was different from anything else out there but still warmly familiar; a driving classic rock n roll guitar, a thunderous AC/DC rhythm section, all topped off with a smooth southern country vocal, proclaiming “She's Country!!”  Both took note and made the statement, “That's the kind of music I wanna make”. The gauntlet was thrown, Sunset Circus was born and there has been no looking back. 

First task, find the right line up. For the bass, the choice seemed logical; Scott had played off and on for over 20 years with long time friend and amazing bassist Jerry Carr.  Made a phone call and viola he was in. Having said that, it sounds fairly simple to put a band together right? Right… Next in line, get a drummer for Jerry. Is anyone familiar with the term “Groundhog Day”?  Week after week it dragged on as it seemed they were auditioning every drummer within a hundred miles, from 8 to 80, blind, crippled or crazy they all turned out. After finally getting a phone call that led us to a 16 year old kid named Dustin Roberts, who blew us away, we tied him down and were off and running. Since that time, we’ve parted ways and he been replaced with a God send, Derick Hardwick.  Derick stepped in and didn’t miss a beat, whew! We weren’t looking forward to going through all those auditions again. Now, that third guitar is a distinct part of our sound so you guessed it…audition, audition, audition, it seemed like a revolving door of guitarists, in & right back out. Jerry had been in a band with another young buck, who was supposed to be pretty damn good. They brought him in to audition and the next day they politely told him if he tried to leave they might just know a guy who would have no problem CONVINCING him to stay. After an offer as gracious as that, ladies and gentlemen on guitar, please welcome Mr Alan Price. Now that you know the “Once upon a time” portion, here’s the rest of the story. 

The goal was simply to play good strong modern country music and have a good time doing so.  With the line up in place, and a few months of rehearsals Scott brought out some original material that he’d been working on and the band fashioned their first original, “Wild Angel”, from that point on they knew that the cover road was going to be short one and that they wanted to make an honest effort to write a full length CD. 

The result of their effort? A pretty warm welcome. Opening for the likes of Frankie Ballard, Lee Brice, Thompson Square, Crossin’ Dixon, Joe Diffie and more, they have converted many of those concert attendees into full fledged Circus Freaks 

If you get the chance to see them live don’t miss it, in fact call a friend and tell them, “Hey let’s go, the Circus is in town"!

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